Representative agreement with Niagara investment castings

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We are proud to announces an agreement of sales representation for the investment casting foundry NIAGARA INVESTMENT CASTINGS based in Ste-Catharines, ON.

With this agreement, we will be in a position to offer to METALLURGICAL RESOURCES’ customers the access to a qualified foundry in the production of small to medium size dimension casting parts (100 lbs and less; 20’’ maximum dimension in all directions) with a superior surface finish (standard 125 RMS) and more accurate dimensional tolerances (standard 0.010’’ for the first inch and 0.005’’ for any extra inch).

The investment casting process is often selected for parts with complex and irregular shapes. Especially if an irregular shape is located in a closed or semi-closed section. In this case the foundry use a ceramic core to obtain a maximum of accuracy and a better surface finish than many other processes.

Also, this process is a very good one to convert weldment, fabricated and machined parts into investment casting. Offering then a combination of reduced price with greater physical properties:

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