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The investment casting process is fairly adapted to produce mid to highly complex metallic components. As a matter of fact, the useage of wax in the initial moulding stage contributes to produce parts with a smooth surface finish close to machined one (+- 125 RMS as cast) while this process enables the manufacturer to deliver parts with much more accurate dimensional tolerances than the most common sandcasting process.

Then, the investment casting process is often selected as the optimal process to either develop new complex to highly complex parts or to convert weldment parts into casting. Resulting in greater physical properties and cost-reduction vs the assembly of a few machined parts together.

The useage of the 3D printing technology enables the foundry to produce pre-production samples without paying the production tooling up-front; permitting to test some parts before finalizing the design for the production component.

The prototyping option in the investment cast process is for all steel and non-ferrous materials within the range of 18’’ lengths in all directions and 120 lbs maximum.

For more details about what our partner Niagara Investment Castings can do for your company in the development of new complex cast parts, please contact us by telephone at (514) 236-5441 or by email at pbelley@metallurgicalresources.com.

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