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G.E. Gilbert, a reliable partner (in machining and weldment fabrication) represented by Metallurgical Resources, has helped one of the most important aluminum plant in North-America to reduce the annual cost of various replacement parts. All this, by offering technical cost-effective solutions generating permanent cost-saving.

The customer, located in the Province of Quebec (Canada), had a recurrent problem of quick wear of their cold chisels used to break the alumina blocks.

They have then challenged G.E. Gilbert to offer a solution to increase the life-expectancy of these parts. And in order to reach the required target, they were opened to change the part design to a certain extend.
Then, Mr. Andre Huppé, Sales manager at G.E. Gilbert, has received the approval from the customer to offer a different material combined with a new part design. It is important here to state that it has taken G.E. Gilbert 8 successive design changes to find the optimal one.

The result of this project brought the life-expectancy from an average of originally 3 weeks before the tests to a recurrent 11 weeks for the new optimized part. Giving a recurrent annual saving of $85 000 only for that part.

We will soon come back with more testimonies about what this partner can do to help your company reduce their annual cost in parts’ replacement.

For more information about G.E. Gilbert capability to help your company please visit them at :
Or contact us by email at or by phone at (514) 236-5441.

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